Depending on your needs, there are different tools to create animations.
Some software are more sophisticated than others:


Sofware Autodesk 3DS MAX

It's a complex but powerful software used in the studios in Hollywood. The learning is long and the realization of the model and animation tedious. It can only be justified for big projects but the result is of a very high level.

Software Autodesk SHOWCASE

It is usually bundled with the REVIT package. It is very easy to use software that allows you to create the animation once the 3D digital model is created under REVIT.



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To view the animation, click on the following link: La ZAC des Ponts-jumeaux à Toulouse

The 3D model of the projects were created with MethoCAD. The cranes were generated with the MethoCAD 3D site layout package. The animation was created with 3DS MAX software. The background is the city of Toulouse from Google Earth. The light sources, such as the sun or artificial are inserted into the model. The camera is inserted with its path then the calculation of images is launched (several hours). The images are then compressed, the final compilation with the calculated images and the background sound is realized with the PREMIERE professional software.
The process is long but the result is amazing !

To view the animation, click on the following link: STEP à HYERES

The walls and slabs were created with MethoCAD. The animation was done with SHOWCASE. The set can be realized in ½ day if one masters the software SHOWCASE.

To view the animation, click on the following link: ANIMATION avec photos sphériques sous SHOWCASE

The initial project of the building in 3D was created with MethoCAD. The crane is inserted then spherical images that allow to see the background not fixed but which rotates at the same time as the camera. Here, we can combine different animations: the building that goes up, the crane that turns and the background also.

To view the animation, click on the following link: Projet d’une tour au Turkmenistan

The 3D phasing was done with MethoCAD on the different levels that were later transferred and stacked under SHOWCASE for the animation.