Autodesk Partnerships


Creative Business Solutions is a member of the Autodesk Developers Network for many years, allowing it to be in constant contact with Autodesk and benefit from the support of the development located in California. In addition to that, the new versions of AutoCAD are distributed 6 months before the official release on the market to be able to upgrade the applications.


In 2013, Creative Business Solutions signed a worldwide agreement with Autodesk to port MethoCAD on the AutoCAD® OEM platform that enables the creation of custom applications on AutoCAD. Used by more than 4 million customers, this release provides users with important services they need in a personalized environment, while providing reliable Autodesk® technology that ensures DWG data fidelity.
Thus, this version called MethoCad Premium is currently available as a stand-alone package with no need to acquire AutoCAD.
MéthoCad Standart the AutoCAD add-on version continues, of course, to be sold.

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