Mobile cranes

This module enables the user to check that the lifting operation can be carried out within allowable limits particularly when dismantling tower cranes at the end of a project when space and access are limited. MethoCAD contains information supplied by manufacturers so that the capacities of different models of crane are accurately represented. The software checks weights will be safe at particular reaches and shows the loads at each position of the crane hook on a front view, with concentric circles indicating the limits.

The main cranes from the major manufacturers of the market have been integrated in the software. The blocks are represented in the three views; top, front and side. The user inserts in the AutoCAD layout its cranes with the help of a dialog box by selecting the manufacturer, the model and its capacity.

The crane is then manipulated interactively to rotate and extend the boom in order to reach the lifting point without loosing the integrity of the block.

In addition to an autoCAD regular drawing, a pdf file or a captured image of google earth can be used as a background to test if the crane can maneuver without problems in the space provided.