Why a site preparation software

MéthoCAD is the software that can help you, from the study of submission, in the different stages of the preparation of your structural works:

  • Work Planning
  • Study of the site facilities
  • Development of the PPSPS
  • Study of repetitive cycles
  • Study of shoring
  • Security study

The MethoCAD software as a whole is not just a working tool but a decision aid that gives the user a wealth of information on how to prepare the site.
For 28 years software designers have been listening to suggestions from their customers and an ongoing dialogue allows a fruitful exchange that changes the software.

Our team of engineers having acquired a long-standing professional competence in company will be able to advise you and help you to the training of the use of the software corresponding to the working methods adapted to your company.


At the level of the call for tenders:

The problem of the project owner and project manager is to quickly analyze and compare the technical content of the bidding documents. They must find a clear and precise answer regarding the assumptions taken into account by the bidding companies.
At equal price the presentation of this file will be preponderant in the choice of the purchaser.

This file usually includes:

  • Clear and concise planning highlighting key dates and critical path
  • Documents reproducing the different phases of work
  • Documents defining the specific operating modes
  • Project Plan for Site Facilities

With the MethoCAD software, you will be able to meet the expectations of the customer. All documents enclosed in your offer will be compiled on a computer support. They can be changed quickly at any time during the bidding period depending on the evolution of the study.

You will be able to verify and confirm the hypotheses of your study:

Verification of the feasibility of the project within the execution time of the client by a reliable and fast schedule.

  1. Study by detailed and fast simulation of the phasing of works
  2. Study of the specific operating modes
  3. Project Plan for Site Facilities with Dimensional Verification
  4. Fast and reliable valuation of construction site costs

    The bidding documents will thus be mastered in terms of costs and turnaround times throughout the preliminary phase of the bid study.
    Cleared of the risks and technical uncertainties, you will be free to carry out your commercial action in order to reach a final order in full knowledge of the particular conditions and constraints related to the case studied.


    Before starting the site:

    By a quick update with MethoCAD of the documents and drawings of the AO, the service Price study of the company will be able to transmit to the customer and to the service works all the documents of the technical file reconstituting the file market taking into account the modifications and variants accepted by the client during the commercial transaction of the call for tenders.


    At the start of the project:

    The Works department of the company must be able to provide in a very short time:
    Technical documents necessary to obtain the necessary authorizations to start construction site work
    The main objective planning defining the key dates of decision of progress of work.

    The PPSPS defines the main operating modes with the analysis of the associated risks, the information is entered using input masks under Windows in A4 format, the following documents are available:

    • Administrative information
    • Regulatory requirements on construction site safety
    • Operating modes
    • Instructions for the safety and assembly of equipment manufacturers

      During the works :

      The Works department must study, develop and disseminate plans and nomenclatures of formwork material, shoring, securities ... which are necessary for the execution of works to be carried out according to the defined operating modes.

      FOR SPECIAL WORKS executed by specific and non-repetitive procedures, it is often necessary to determine very precisely the means and requirements for the equipment required for their execution.

      For REPETITIVE BUILDING WORKS made with metal formwork, the study of the formwork rotation cycle is an important step that needs to be carefully studied in order to optimize the use of the equipment and reduce the impact of manpower, while ensuring better security through better organized work. This study is often carried out by the site manager who, despite his competence, does not have sufficient time to take into account all the determining parameters that must be examined in the optimized study of the cycle. A study using the BOTTOM ROTATION module optimizes the rotation cycle. The site supervisor remains him, always master and fully responsible for the purpose of the cycle studied which he has previously participated and validated the pre-cycle study phase.

      of the work floor, safety devices of the type consoles pinion are put in place on all (or part) of the periphery of the building under construction. These security platforms are moved as the work progresses. They must therefore be studied and wedged-pinned to ensure their own stability in the work phase to ensure safety against falls from high in all cases encountered during their reuse. The variety of cases encountered in the complex geometry of current buildings requires that a detailed study be carried out for each level to be protected.

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