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Since its creation, Creative Business Solutions has won numerous awards at various contests around the world. These awards recognize innovation and excellence. These contests have provided MethoCAD with an opportunity to prove its quality in its field, as well as tighten the links with its partners worldwide.
Creative Business Solutions, based in Paris, is in charge of the distribution of MethoCAD through a network of distributors worldwide.

MethoCAD is a an add-on package under AutoCAD, that has been under development for 29 years by a team of 12 senior software and civil engineers who possess both an in-depth knowledge of software, and a breadth of experience with construction sites.
Creative Business Solutions goal is to take advantage of the latest software technology arriving on the market and use it to supply its customers with innovative yet simple and easy-to-use solutions.
Creative Business Solutions also maintain close relationships with the users in order to integrate their needs and meet their requirements. Today a team of 15 engineers develop and maintain the software for an installed base of over 6 000 MethoCAD licenses worldwide.

Albert FITOUSSI  – Manager

Creative Business Solutions is headed by Albert FITOUSSI, Civil Engineer (B. Sc.). He started his career in various construction companies and in the 1980s he was introduced to CAD (computer-aided design) software when he was hired by ComputerVision (the American company pioneer of CAD software) as a consultant for the AEC applications in Europe. With the arrival of AutoCAD on the market and his experience and skills in both the fields of construction and CAD/CAM, Albert FITOUSSI started his own company and started the development of MethoCAD software.

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