Mobile cranes

The MOBILE CRANES module includes a library of mobile cranes in 3 views: top, side and front.
From a dialog box, the user selects the manufacturer and then the model.

Grues mobiles

The software inserts the mobile crane into a plan view to check accessibility once the buildings are completed and then the footprint of the crane with its pads are deployed.
In the elevation view, the crane is inserted and the boom is extended according to the values ​​authorized by the manufacturer and then automatically rotated to reach the lifting point.

Grues mobiles
Grues mobiles

It is also possible to use a Google Maps basemap to find the most optimized location for the crane.

Once the crane position is fixed, the user inserts the load curves block which verifies the maximum authorized load at the lifting point. You can only insert one curve for the final drawing.

Other use of this package is to create operating modes for the site.

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