Our services

Our training center

The courses are given in our training center in Paris, accessible by public transport.
Each trainee has a workstation. The training room is also equipped with a video projector allowing trainees to simultaneously follow on their workstation as well as on the trainer’s workstation the operations on the screen.
Lunches and coffee breaks are covered as part of the training.
In order to reduce travel costs and allow trainees to stay in touch with the company, intra-company sessions are organized.
They also have the advantage of being able to be adapted to customer needs.

We also provide introductory or advanced sessions on AutoCAD and MéthoCAD software.
Our perfect knowledge of software will allow you to take full advantage of the features of the latest versions.
We also combine AutoCAD and MéthoCAD training sessions in order to get trainees operational quickly and save the company on training days.

Customized developments

The collaboration with some manufacturers has gone further with the writing of specific packages meeting manufacturer needs.
The programs were developed and based on MéthoCAD existing algorithms.


SATECO came to us with a project development  under AutoCAD for the calculation and drawing of curved formworks.
Starting from the wall curve in AutoCAD, the software positions the interior and exterior forms, the stiffeners and the compensations.
This software remains the property of SATECO which reserves the right to distribute it to its customers.

Based on the existing MethoCAD package, an application was developed.
It includes the automatic drawing of the platforms along the walls.

Once the drawing is completed, the dimensioning and the bills of quantity are fully automatic. This application allows the COPAC design office to be more efficient and more responsive in drawing up quotes and execution drawings.

Creative Business Solutions has developed for COPAC manufacturer of safety facade platforms, an application under AutoCAD.

The ALTRAD design office in Savoie asked us to develop an ALTRADAL floor formwork application consisting of primary and secondary beams and props . Based on our experience acquired on the applications developed in MéthoCAD, we developed a package which remains the property of the ALTRAD group. It is up to the latter to distribute it to its customers or resellers.

This software enables within a few minutes an optimized layout of the beams arrangement. The user can, of course, intervene to modify the proposed choice or even  work in manual mode. A detailed bill of materials is automatically extracted from the drawing, it can be total or by phase.

Our company has built its reputation on the market for developing reliable applications used by hundreds of companies.
At the request of the company RETOTUB, we developed a package for the optimized layout of shoring towers with automatic drawing in plan and elevation and a bill of mateiral.

Method services

Our team of engineers is at your disposal for the realization of site layout.

Imaging services

Acquiring the right software and hardware to produce synthetic images or video sequences is not always justified for a construction company where this type of need is only occasional. It is therefore more profitable to subcontract the production of the images.
We put at your disposal the competence and the know-how of our team of technicians and a fleet of powerful equipment, the computation in imagery being very greedy in computing resources.

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