Our training center

Courses can be provided at our training center in Bagnolet, accessible by public transport. Each trainee has a workstation, the training room is also equipped with a video projector allowing trainees to track simultaneously on their station and on the trainer's station manipulations on the screen. Lunches and coffee breaks are supported as part of the training.

Customer site sessions

In order to reduce travel costs and allow trainees to keep in touch with the company, these sessions also have the advantage of being able to be adapted to the customer's needs.

AutoCAD and MethoCAD software

We provide training, introductory or advanced sessions on AutoCAD and MethoCAD. Our perfect knowledge of software will allow you to take full advantage of the features of the latest versions. We also combine the AutoCAD and MethoCAD training sessions to quickly get the trainees up to speed and save the company days of training.