Grand Paris Express

Project MethoCAD Grand Paris : the first licenses of the MéthoCAD software are delivered to the Grand Paris Express construction sites, in particular to the site from which the 1st tunnel boring machine is to leave at Rosny-sous-Bois with the companies NGC, PIZZAROTI and DEMATHIEU and BARD.

Projet MéthoCAD Grand Paris

The realization of the extension of line 11 to Rosny-Bois-Perrier (from the Town Hall of Lilas) will be led by STIF and RATP, co-owners of this section.
The realization of the subsequent extension, between the Town Hall of Lilas and Saint-Denis Pleyel, will be led by the Société du Grand Paris (SGP).
MethoCAD is used for the various site installation plans and phasing of works.

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