The future tallest tower in Europe

Projet MéthoCAD Varsovie


MethoCAD Warsaw Project : Karimpol Polska entrusted the construction of the Skyliner office building in the center of Warsaw to Warbud, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction International Network.

VINCI Construction International Network has acquired several licenses from MéthoCAD for the site installation and shuttering rotation plans for the Warbud project.
The SKYLINER tower will be the tallest in Europe: it will have 45 levels.
30 office floors, four retail floors, five underground parking floors, the SkyBar on two floors and four technical floors, for a total area of ​​85,934 m2.

Work started in September 2017 and will be completed in mid 2020.
Projet MéthoCAD Varsovie


Projet MéthoCAD VarsovieProjet MéthoCAD Varsovie

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