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The Mat d’Or have become in 4 years a major event in the construction sector. Organized by SAGERET in partnership with CAPEB and the Bâtiment Artisanal, the Mat d´Or reward the best equipment and tools dedicated to construction professionals. Each year, in January, nearly 250,000 companies and 30,000 specifiers (architects, project managers, design offices, economists, interior designers) are invited to recommend the equipment and the tools.
This Label testifies to the recognition of the market.

As part of the 2020 edition, the label “Elected Innovation by Construction Experts” was awarded to the MéthoCAD software for the 2 new products that have emerged:

Médailles de MéthoCAD

The new MethoCAD-BIM module developed in the environment of the AutoDesk software, REVIT, makes it possible to create the site installation plan in 3D in the digital model of the building produced in Revit by the architect.


As part of its business services activity for the creation of videos presenting projects and phasing of works, CBS now offers the production of high-quality images of site installation but also interactive site visits based on Revit models.

This new range of software requires perfect mastery of their use and the creation of projects is long and tedious. In addition, projects requiring the use of such tools in the company are not necessarily common. As a result, the company’s investment in acquiring such software and hardware and hiring a skilled workforce is not justified. It therefore appeared appropriate for the company CBS to offer companies the realization of such projects.

The Revit digital mockup is completed with features for interactive animation. We can thus move in real time in the model, move objects such as turning the boom of the crane. The objectives are multiple, to present the choices made to the customer, to better understand the construction difficulties, to foresee the appropriate execution methods, to facilitate the identification and therefore the control of the various security risks.

Médailles de MéthoCAD
Médailles de MéthoCAD

Once again, the MéthoCAD software was acclaimed by companies during the online consultation launched with construction companies in 2014.

Médailles de MéthoCAD
Médailles de MéthoCAD

The Construction Products election is an event organized by Sageret to reward the best construction products. The label “Elected Construction Product by Professionals” results from a vast online consultation: 326,000 companies are asked for a month to comment on different products.
The survey is based on the evaluation of a selection of products presented in 4 voting rooms:

  • Big work
  • Second work
  • Technical equipments
  • Business services

Companies rate products from 1 to 5 on each of the following criteria:

– Innovation – Performance /Quality – Notoriety – Sustainable Development

The products having received the best marks in their category at the closing date of the votes are awarded the label “Elected Product of the BTP by the professionals”.

Médailles de MéthoCAD

In 2013 more than 7,000 companies expressed themselves and elected 51 products.
The labels are awarded at a grand ceremony followed by a prestigious cocktail at the Grand Hôtel Intercontinental Opéra.

Médailles de MéthoCAD

The MéthoCAD software receives the silver medal for its new module for HQE (High Environmental Quality) sites, which provides companies with the necessary tools to enable them to prepare HQE-labeled sites.

Médailles de MéthoCAD

Innovation Awards

True revealer of the latest outstanding technologies, the Innovation Awards is a competition which rewards the most innovative materials, techniques and services. In 2006, 69 applications were submitted. They are divided between machines (24), equipment and components (36) and services (9). In the Services category, out of the 9 pre-selected products, 2 were awarded including MéthoCAD which received the Silver medal for its new virtual reality module and above all for the originality of the approach which consists in offering a service activity for the production of models in virtual reality.

International Construction Awards: Madrid October 2006

In October 2006, the 26th edition of the International Construction Awards organized by the Trade Leaders Club took place at Melia Castille in Madrid.
Companies from all over the world working in the construction and transportation sectors have been invited to receive their awards. In the welcome address, the Director of the Trade Leaders Club stressed the importance of these industrial sectors: construction and transport for the economy of any country. These trophies have been created to reward companies which have distinguished themselves in their respective fields and whose level of service is recognized internationally.
More than forty companies from different countries have proven their quality and reputation on which these distinctions are based and have received the INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION AWARD.

Innovation Competition

The BATIMAT innovation competition organized on the occasion of the fair aims to promote the most innovative products in the construction sector. The innovations compete in seven classes of products, the software entering in class 6, Means, Methods, NTIC. The products are selected by juries made up of professionals recognized for their competence and representative of the various construction professions (FFB, CSTB, UNSFA, OPPBTP).

The medal ceremony took place on Monday, November 7, 2005 at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. Of the 169 shortlisted products, 26 medals were awarded. Two medals were awarded to the MéthoCAD software, the first was awarded in the Means, methods and NTIC category and the second being a special mention from the jury for prevention and safety. A few minutes after receiving its first award, the MéthoCAD software is called back to the podium to receive a second medal! Special mention from the jury for Prevention and Safety. Indeed, the jury reserves the right to award special mentions apart from the 3 gold, silver and bronze medals. Three special mentions were thus awarded during the ceremony.

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